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Learning of the most common sentence mistakes can help improve your grammar, spelling and sentence construction ability. In today’s information post, we’re going to talk about the most common errors people do commit in terms of English writing. Let’s begin.

english sentence corrector

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Nine Common Sentence Mistakes

english correctorDuplicate Subjects. In order to avoid this problem, you should not use a pronoun as a duplicate subject if you already mentioned your subject by name.

english correctorIncomplete Sentence. Remember that every sentence should contain at least one subject and a verb. It should also be an independent clause. If any of these elements is absent, then it is an incomplete sentence.

english correctorSubject-Verb Agreement. This is by far one of the most common mistakes committed by people in terms of grammar, and the issue here is that many miss the ‘s’ in their present simple tense.

english correctorPronoun Agreement. People, even the need is a singular pronoun, use plural form and vice versa. It will affect you writing greatly.

english correctorIncorrect Verb Form. This is a common problem when certain verbs are taking the infinitive forms, while others are taking the gerund.

english correctorParallel Verb Form. You should use it when you are listing verbs so that you can come up with a correct sentence.

english correctorMissing Commas after linking language. This is another common English mistake. When using an introductory phrase, use a comma after.

english correctorUse of Time Clauses. When referring to present or future, use the present form in time clauses, and if using the past tense, take the past simple tense.

english correctorRun-on Sentences. This happens when you don’t connect correct linking language, or you are using too many clauses instead of using a period and a linking language.

The next time you run into mistakes like these, you will probably know what to do. Otherwise, you can ask help from professional sentence correctors in order to come up with a flawless paper.  They can spot errors you might not see and can return your paper fast based on your preferred deadline.

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