How Correct Usage of Grammar Can Change Your Life

How Correct Usage of Grammar Can Change Your Life

One of the most important aspects of English writing is using correct grammar. It does more than just show you’ve memorized the rules of the English language, it shows that you carefully think about what you’re writing. It’s more important than you might think, too. Some people, such as the CEO of iFixit, actually refuse to hire anyone who doesn’t use correct grammar. When you use grammar correctly, it’s easier to get across your thoughts and ideas. Incorrect grammar can be distracting at best and make it difficult to understand what you’re trying to convey at worst so you always have to check grammar in sentence.

One reason grammar is becoming more and more important to professionals and business owners is because of texting. A study has shown that texting does have an effect on grammar skills. Traditional writing is losing out to what’s been named techspeak or netspeak. Using acronyms such as LOL may seem harmless, but for teens and millennials who spend hours every week writing in short sentences sprinkled with acronyms, numbers, and emoji, this type of writing is influencing the other writing they do.

When Using Correct Grammar Is Vital

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There are many times when using correct grammar is crucial. You want to be seen as an educated professional, especially at work. That starts with your resume. You want your future employer to read your resume and be impressed with the skills and experience you have listed there, not be distracted by grammar errors. Those who submit resumes riddles with errors are likely to be passed over for the job. These resumes either say the applicants don’t pay attention to their writing, didn’t take the time to proofread their resume, or simply don’t care.

Once you’re hired, you can’t let your grammar skills slack. You will most likely have to communicate in writing with co-workers, customers, and vendors. If your writing isn’t clear, you could cost your company money. That’s why correct grammar is important on a daily basis. Writing sentences that are full of errors leaves a poor impression of you and the business you work for.

Any time you’re asked to write an application for something, you want to make sure all of the grammar is correct. Find someone who’s an expert at proofreading and have them look over it. It doesn’t matter what you’re applying for—university, a professional organization, a grant, etc.—the grammar has to be impeccable. For things that are incredibly competitive, a few grammar errors may be all it takes for your application to be rejected.

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Many people would say that your grammar on social media or even on your blog isn’t that important. After all, many people post things that are grammatically incorrect on Facebook or Twitter all the time. However, more and more employers are checking social media before they hire someone. If your potential boss finds your public LinkedIn profile and notes grammar mistakes throughout it, it may not matter how perfect your resume is.

Finally, your writing skills leave an impression of you no matter what it is your writing. Even on social media, your grammar shows that you put some thought into your writing and want to be seen as someone who understands the English language. It’s important to always write at your best, even if you don’t think your audience cares that much. Otherwise, you’re at risk of continues to use those lack grammar skills in your other writing.

Tips for Checking Your Grammar

If you want to make sure your grammar is correct, here are some tips to follow.

  • Have someone else read over your writing. When you read what you’ve written, your brain tends to fill in missing words or correct grammar. You can read a piece several times and still miss errors that someone else will find on their first time.
  • If you’ve changed a sentence several times, read it back from the start once you’ve finished it. Grammar errors often occur in sentences or paragraphs you’ve edited multiple times.
  • Read your work out loud. This not only helps you catch certain grammar errors, but it also helps you head what your writing is actually saying. You can often revise and make your writing better by reading it aloud to yourself.
  • If you want to learn the correct usage of grammar, you can look for a free cheat sheet for English grammar or courses. You can also enroll in a grammar or writing class at a local community college.
  • If you have children, you can improve your own grammar by helping them with their English homework.

Tools Can Help You with Using Correct Grammar

There are also some online tools that can help you with checking your text grammar rules. For example, one of the best resources to use is SentenceCorrector. This online tool found online at SentenceCorrector.info, will check your grammar using the Grammarly database. It does much more than just check for grammar, though. It also checks your punctuation, your spelling, and your sentence structure.

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In addition to learning how to avoid grammar mistakes, SentenceCorrector will also help you improve your writing. It offers tips on word choice, notes sentences that are excessively wordy, and highlights unclear references. It will also check your text for plagiarism so you can paraphrase or properly quote any text you’re using that was written by someone else.

All you have to do is copy and paste your writing into the interface and click the button. You can use this tool whenever you’re writing a document and want to make sure the grammar is correct. Other grammar checkers don’t provide these extra options, and many of them are not as good at identifying errors, either.

Make Sure Your Grammar Is Perfect

The next time you’re writing a resume, document, or even an email, make sure you’re using correct grammar. If you have a large vocabulary or enjoy writing complex sentences, it’s possible to make basic grammar errors without noticing them. Make sure that doesn’t happen!

If you’re not sure about the correct usage of grammar, have someone else look over your writing and run the text through SentenceCorrector!