50 Shades of Tricky Sentence Mistakes

Committing grammar mistakes does not only embarrass the writer, but also confuses the readers, listeners or audience. it can also make them think that you are unreliable when it comes to giving them information. See this list for a couple of ideas about popular grammar mistakes that turn viral online and think twice when saying no to using a paper corrector.
50 Shades of Tricky Sentence Mistakes

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Tricky Sentence Mistakes

  1. Be careful. It is the hunter’s season. In the photo, you can see a road sign that is telling hunters to be careful when hunting pedestrians using the walk trails.
  2. This figure seems a big high. In the photo, the writer mistakenly conveyed the message that North Americans consume over 400 Africans.
  3. “A lot of those elderly children running around these days.
  4. Well, that just got real. In the photo is an exchange of message between people and one of them saying, “Don’t wear black people.”
  5. Witches on Facebook, almost as scary when your parents got on there
  6. Either horrible or awesome, you decide: “Violators will be towed or find $50.”
  7. And the secret (Sauce) comes out. A MCDO fail- “Over 10 billion severed”
  8. Maybe just one- In the photo, a tattoo “NO REGERTS” (no regrets) is shown. What a permanent mess, isn’t it?
  9. Witches take their warnings very seriously: “Private custom parking only. All others will be toad.”
  10. Rachael Ray, I always knew you were a monster.

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Most Common Grammatical Mistakes

  • Fewer vs. less
  • It’s vs. its
  • Irregular verbs
  • Nor, or
  • Then vs. than
  • Ending sentences with prepositions
  • Subject (and possessive pronoun) and verb agreement
  • Dangling modifiers
  • Who vs. whom
  • Me, myself, and I
  • Lie vs. lay

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